LongSound Vinylizer

Download LongSound Vinylizer

LongSound Virtual Guitar FX

Guitar FX
Here are 8 of the most important stomp pedals in one plugin:
Reverb, Flanger, Stereo Delay, Pitch Shifter, Chorus,
Graphic EQ, Overdrive and Auto Wah.

one of my first VSTs. Something nobody needs :-D

Virtual DM1100 (80's Digital Delay by Ibanez)

Download Virtual DM1100

LongSound Retro Echo

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Download LongSound Retro Echo (very unstable)

can cause crashes! use at your own risk!

LongSound dbx 160 clone

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The cult compressor / limiter of the 70s as a VST plugin.

Download LongSound dbx 160 clone

LongSound Microverb clone

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The cult digital reverb as a VST plugin...
Download Microverb VST